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Homemade Dish Soap (foaming, soy free, more natural)
This Homemade Dish Soap smells of a fresh minty forest, gets your dishes squeaky clean, and is perfect for a foaming dispenser.  ♥Love it!♥
Prep Time
Prep Time
Homemade Dish Soap
  1. Wash and allow bottle to thoroughly dry. I use old dish soap bottles but any bottle really will do. I find a plastic bottle that has a cap you can squeeze out of works best.
  2. Using a funnel add water to bottle. Next add vinegar, oil and essential oils to the bottle. Shake bottle to combine.
  3. Add the Sal Suds and swish gently to combine. At this point you can use the Homemade Dish Soap directly on your rag, on super grimy pots and pans or for a sink full of dishes.
Foaming Dilution
  1. In your foaming dispenser, fill just shy of halfway with your Homemade Dish Soap. Fill the rest of the dispenser with Distilled Water, leaving about 1/2 to 1″ at the top for the dispenser head. Screw on the top. Your Homemade Dish Soap is now ready to enjoy!